Informational Meetings for 2014-2015 trips!

Come learn about Tulane Alternative Breaks and our AWESOME trips we have to offer this upcoming year.

• Another Wetland: Exploring the History and Beauty of Florida’s Everglades—-Everglades National Park, Florida 

• Effective Altruism: Turn Good Intentions into Meaningful Outcomes—- San Francisco, CA

• Leave No Trace: Trailing Rebuilding and Farming—-Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

• Heaven on Earth: Community Engagement —-Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic (Held in May 2015)

- September 24th at 7 PM [LBC 201]
- October 16th at 7 PM [LBC 203 Stibbs]
There will be food!

Public Health Brigades Student testimonials

From Spring 2012 trip:

“My trip with Global Public Health Brigades in Honduras was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved being able to change the life of a family, and I know the projects we made will help the family stay healthy and happy for many years to come. Most of all, I was deeply impacted by the way the family and their community accepted us into their home and worked alongside us as we built our projects. Their generosity, work ethic, and love will always stay with me.” — Amanda M. (Sophomore, Psychology major, Spanish minor, Public Health minor, and pre-medical student)


“In just one week, I had more fun than I’ve ever had on any other trip, learned invaluable lessons, and got to greatly help those in need in a tiny community in Honduras. The experience was truly special, and I can’t imagine a more fun and productive way to spend spring break.” — Michael P. (Senior, Mathematics & Music Composition major)


“PHB was a fantastic experience where we made lasting friendships from our school, from other schools, and with numerous Hondurans. The family we worked with treated us better than family and were always patient and unbelievably generous despite the little they had. Getting our hands dirty while getting to know the Hondurans was the best part. You’ll learn so much in such a little time period all while taking in the amazing landscape of Honduras. Also, get ready to talk over fighting chickens and roosters because they’re everywhere.” — Addie W. (Sophomore, Public Health & English major with CMB minor)


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